Florence Poets Society is open to all poets of any age, new or established.  

There is never a fee to attend our meetings or events. Our yearly membership fee of $20.00 supports all FPS events, including our website, various readings, regular meetings, and publication of the Society's annual review, Silkworm. Membership is renewed each autumn.


~~ Current (paid) members of Florence Poets Society, 2018-19 ~~

Denise-Renee Barberet
Sasha Berman
Jean Blakeman
Bruce Bynum
James Francis Cahillane
Tom Clark
Tara Dasso
Lori Desrosiers
Anna Duprey
Howie Faerstein
Anita Gallers
Marianne Gambaro
Michael Goldman
Sharon Harmon
Jane Johnson
Eileen Kennedy
Marian Kent
Jan Lambert
Michael MacDonald
Mary Messick
Gay Paluch
Rich Puchalsky
Diane Rachele
Paul Richmond
Brooks Robards
Mary Ellen Shaughan
Maureen Solomon
Lanette Sweeney
Sharon Tracey
Tommy Twilite
Joe Voss
Jerry Waller
Peggy Winnett
Linda Wlodyka
Gerry Yelle